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Job Description : This position is in the product development team to develop new generation user interface. Be part of a dynamic, high impact environment.
Understand customer feedback from Applications team and architect/develop/modify user interface for best user-experience.
Skills (one or more of the following):
· Exposure to one of the desktop applications related technology like – Qt-C++, .Net WPF etc.
· Basic understanding of design for user experience.
· Familiarity with 3D rendering using OpenGL
· Experience with Visual Studio (C++) or similar IDE
· Experience with Test Driven Development methodology
· Understanding of web technologies like react.js, node.js etc. will be a plus.

As a member of the team (and an early employee), you work closely with the product development team to ensure
that Simyog’s CAD and Meshing platform is robust and can handle complicated structures including 3D Printed
Circuit Board, Connector and Housing Geometries, Automotive 3D body etc. You will also interface with the GUI
engineer for effective visualization. If you are interested, please write to
Skills (one or more of the following):
● Good knowledge of Geometric modeling and geometric reasoning
● Basic knowledge of Computational Geometry
● Good knowledge of 3D CAD kernels and components (e. g., Spatial ACIS, Parasolid, CGAL, OpenCascade)
● Basic knowledge of 3D Meshing (e.g. MeshGems, CM2, Hypermesh etc.)
● Basic knowledge of OpenGL
● Good knowledge of Algorithms and complexity analysis
● Strong in Object-oriented programming languages (C++ or equivalent)
● Experience with Visual Studio (C++)
● Experience with Test Driven Development methodology
● Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent degree
● 3 years of experience of building products that uses 3D CAD