Compliance-Scope®, is a Virtual EMI/EMC laboratory where designers can validate and improve their hardware at an early stage by uploading their design files. The tool also provides diagnosis and suggestions for low-cost fixes at the Printed Circuit Board level.


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) contribute to a significant percentage of compliance failures in the verification stage. This leads to loss of revenue due to delay-to-market or cancelled projects. EMI/EMC simulation can complement the hardware design cycle in 2 different stages:


Front-loading EMI/EMC compliance testing at the early stage of hardware design is an effective method to analyze and monitor EMI/EMC performance right from the beginning of the PCB layout stage such that possible problems can be addressed early in a cost-effective manner. Such an EMC-aware design process is likely to save, on an average, 6-12 months in time-to-market.


EMI/EMC simulation can predict future laboratory measurement data such that preventive measures (e.g. changing values of decaps) may be taken or peace of mind is obtained before the critical laboratory testing.

The simulation can be performed to reproduce the failure in simulation. This gives the designer freedom to try out remedial steps in simulation before implementing in hardware for the next iteration of measurement. This gives the user the option to try out multiple what-if analysis before deciding on the final hardware implementation.


Compliance-Scope® is built such that the user can instantiate a laboratory with a chosen EMI / EMC standard on the click of a button. After opening the laboratory. the user can configue the setup using utilities to suit the current experiment.

Current Injection

The Current Injection (CI) method is mainly used for RF immunity testing of automotive components and ICs in electronics industry. In this test method , current is injected on one or more pins simultaneously to test for malfunctions.


Radiated Emissions

Radiated emissions testing involves measuring the electromagnetic field strength of the emissions that are unintentionally generated by the device. Emissions are inherent to the switching voltages and currents in the device.


Conducted Emission

Conducted emission is to find out the radio frequency noise present in the physical wiring or traces of an electrical system due to any switching or harmonic resonances within a equipment.


Radiated Immunity

Radiated immunity test is to measure the immunity of device when subject to prescribed radiated electromagnetic field.




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